About Me - My Biography

My name is Zoe Buckley where a person of any age can get a helping hand with learning and empowerment, this includes Maths, English and music – beginner piano, singing, and music theory.

As a student who struggled at school herself, I understand the confusion and unease that many people experience when confronted with that sinking feeling that they don’t understand or that they are ‘dumb’. That’s why I endeavour to make learning for others easy and fun.

“I first started teaching at a primary school 28 years ago. This experience provided me with the insight that I enjoy, and excel at, teaching and helping students to succeed. In my third year studying my Bachelor of Education, a local college hired me to teach singing and music theory. This really cemented my natural ability to convey knowledge and help students learn.

I now have a wealth of life experience, academic excellence and a proven record of tutoring and general class teaching from prep to tertiary. I have developed varying approaches to subjects that help students generate and understand the knowledge they need for success and improvement.”

My Passions

Learning, being creative and having an interest in how the brain works has always been my inspiration. I enjoy being able to help someone to have their own ‘ah ha’ moment. In helping them to have their own ‘ah ha’ moment I am helping the individual find or even re-find what makes them tick.

How I Can Help Others

By sharing my knowledge and experiences. I help others have a greater understanding and control in their lives.

We are all in this together – we can learn from each other and make our lives better.

My Interests

Being creative, through music and creating my mosaic artworks and wearable art jewellery. Also love going to the movies, reading, eating, getting back to nature, and learning new things. I love re-charging with being able to get to the beach or the bush and having some time on my own.

My Expertise

Since 1988 I’ve been teaching, performing and undertaking personal empowerment and development. I started teaching on a casual basis and then extensively in schools from primary to university. Around the same time I started to perform in public with bands large and small, and in plays. I have been teaching, creating and performing ever since.

In 1992 I studied and completed a bachelor of Education/Music. In 2015-16 I studied and completed Creatrix ® Facilitator studies. I love being able to help others by communicating ideas, lending a helping hand with each person’s learning journey and finding creative ways to solve problems.

Why I Became a Creatrix ® Facilitator

I wasn’t living an authentic life. Grief, anger and discontent were ruling my life. I needed to release my emotional and limiting blockages. Psychologists, psychiatrists, different healing modalities worked for a while, but they were not lasting.

Creatrix ® is designed for the female brain and how it works. In releasing limiting emotional and physical blockages one ‘size’ does not fit all.

Through the powerful Creatrix ® process I am now able to help others to release and heal their individual emotional and limiting blockages painlessly and with ease.

Creatrix ®

Are you ready to release that judgemental conga line going on in your head?

Are you feeling confused, blocked, insecure, grief stricken, frustrated?

Then you are ready to take charge of your life!!!

Creatrix® is for you.

Creatrix ® is a uniquely designed process for the female brain.

After Creatrix ®

  • You will feel your burdens have been lifted.
  • You will experience an entire energy shift
  • Quiets your mind
  • Activates self-respect, Self-belief and creativity

Learning Connections Tutorial

‘A helping hand with learning’

Learning Connections Tutorial provides tutoring in Maths, Emglish and music.

Learning Connections Tutorial offers english tutoring for students from prep to university, and maths tutoring from prep to grade 8.

Nearly half of Tasmanian adults have difficulties with the english and maths tasks that are part of everyday life – filling in forms, understanding safety signs at work, and adding up at the supermarket. Recognising this very real problem affecting Tasmanians today, the State Government has responded by funding a ten-year maths and english campaign for adults.

We would like to see the next generation of young adults well-equipped in these essential life skills.

We also offer music tutoring for students from prep to university level. Zoe’s specialism is the voice, and she works with a wide variety of students: she has successfully worked with students applying to the University of Tasmania’s Conservatorium, coached singers through to talent quests, worked with high-functioning autistic children, and used music therapy to help young people with Down syndrome.

  • We conduct our tutoring in a safe, confidential place.
  • Current Police checks and qualifications are available for parents and carers to view.
  • Tutoring sessions are highly tailored to suit the student’s individual needs.
  • Through private 1:1 sessions, we offer intense, individual, self-paced assistance.
  • Student progress is individualised and non-competitive.
  • Our tutoring is based on the current curriculum.
  • We focus on problem-solving skills to be used again in the future.
  • We make contact with our students’ classroom teachers, so that learning is coherent and we can address any difficulties.
  • We provide regular verbal reports, and written reports on request.
  • A 15-minute free diagnostic assessment is available when a student is enrolled for one term.
  • We are experienced at working with troubled students whose learning is impeded by trauma, abuse and disadvantage.



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