Do you need a tutoring service in Hobart?

Hi, I’m Zoe Buckley and I run Learning Connections Tutorial in Hobart. And would love to help and work with you or your child! I specialise in tutoring for Maths, English and vocal coaching. There’s no age that’s too young or too old. If you need some extra assistance, then I can help.

As a teacher, a parent and someone that had learning difficulties themselves I understand the frustrations that all parties involved face. Having difficulties and challenges myself is what made me become a teacher. We all learn at different paces and in different ways. Sometimes we just need that little extra bit of coaching or attention and a different approach.

At my tutoring service in Hobart, I teach more than just the subject. I believe there’s more to learning and I am about the whole package:

the learning, the brain, the food

I believe that we have emotional blockages that cause these difficulties and challenges when it comes to learning. We can overcome this by getting to the root of the problem and cause. By doing so we can break this cycle and go back to enjoy learning.

Tutoring service Hobart with Zoe Buckley of Learning Connections Tutorial Lindisfarne

Whether it be help with your reading, writing, spelling, adding, subtracting, times tables or singing? Then I can help you at my Hobart tutoring service! I connect with my students and make learning fun and enjoyable again. No more negative and frustrated feelings. I want children and adults to be the best they can be and enjoy learning and their future endeavours.

Do you or your child have a learning difficulty or another challenge?

Have you or your child been diagnosed with dyslexia or another learning difficulty? Is your child Autistic or has Downs Syndrome? Has your child changed school’s multiple times or missed school for prolonged periods due to an illness? I can help at my warm and friendly tutoring service in Lindisfarne, Hobart! I am committed to working with your or your child and helping them fill in the missing areas.


Is your child overwhelmed and stressed?

All children are different, and some don’t thrive in a school environment. Some students find school to be high pressured and demanding and become panicked and stressed by it all. They don’t want to go to school, you hear them say “I’m stupid” or “I’m dumb” or they play the blame game or skip school or classes altogether.

At my tutoring service in Hobart, I often work with students in this situation. We work on mindfulness techniques and how to overcome the fear. I get students to take back the power with praise, encouragement and acceptance.

The practical Information I needed

My child is a great student and I thought that this book may not help but it has given me tips to ensure he keeps his passion and improves his skills and these will be skills that are transferable when in the higher education stage and workforce. Applicable for every parent who wants to ensure the learning years are the best they can be.

Di Summerville

Does your child enjoy singing and would benefit from vocal coaching?

I work with people from prep to university level to perfect their singing at my tutoring service Hobart. Whether it’s helping perfect your technique or learning control. I have worked with students applying to the University of Tasmania’s Conservatorium and have coached singers entering talent quests, worked with high functioning autistic children and used music therapy to help young people with Down Syndrome.

Creatrix® for women

Are you a woman struggling with grief, anger and discontent? Then take back the control by learning how to release your emotional and limiting blockages. Creatrix® is designed specifically for the female brain and how it works. Through the powerful process of Creatrix®, I can help you to release and heal your emotional and limiting blockages painlessly and with ease. Want to find out more? Contact me now.

My son is autistic and doesn’t usually like meeting new people. The best thing about meeting Zoe was that she was warm and made us feel truly welcome.

My son was given some fun interactive tasks to do to see where he was at. Straight away he was laughing and having fun. Zoe varies her techniques to suit the individual’s needs and respects where they are at.

I highly recommend Learning Connections Tutorial to any student needing a helping hand with learning.