My Story – Zoe Buckley

Hi, I’m Zoe Buckley and a teacher, enthusiast, musician, and artist. I love learning, being creative and I have a particular interest and love for how our brains work. I enjoy being able to help someone to have their own “ah ha” moment which is what makes me love tutoring so much.

I completed my Bachelor of Education as a mature aged student in 2006 and have been undertaking personal empowerment and development ever since. I have taught in schools from primary through to university. Around this time, I also started performing in bands and plays. I have been teaching, creating and performing ever since. This lead me to complete a Bachelor of Education and Music in 2006 and then more recently in 2015/2016 I completed by Crearix® facilitator studies which fits in with my love of the brain and understanding how we work so well.

I have struggled with learning and been tutored myself. I know firsthand the difference tutoring can make in a student’s life. The time that a tutor dedicates to the students’ academic and psychological outcomes is priceless. I have experienced the same problems that my students are experiencing. My experience and background give me a deeper understanding and insight into yours or your child’s struggles to know how these students are struggling because many of them feel ashamed to ask for help, ashamed that they are not coping or stupid

For the past 10 years, I started working as a tutor one on one with children and adults who have learning difficulties. I work with organisations such as Life Without Barriers, Ronald McDonald Learning Program and numerous schools, colleges, and universities. During my tutoring sessions, I noticed that students who struggled with a subject also had a negative emotion attached to the subject. This then led me to pursue further studies on how the brain works.

The brain will naturally shut down to “protect” and therefore you cannot learn or retain information. You need to release the emotional charge to allow the neuron pathways to re-open.

My techniques are unique and help me connect with my students. And this is what makes me stand out with my Hobart tutoring service.