My name is Zoe Buckley where a person of any age can get a helping hand with learning and empowerment, this includes Maths, English and music – beginner piano, singing, and music theory.

As a student who struggled at school herself, I understand the confusion and unease that many people experience when confronted with that sinking feeling that they don’t understand or that they are ‘dumb’. That’s why I endeavour to make learning for others easy and fun.

“I first started teaching at a primary school 28 years ago. This experience provided me with the insight that I enjoy, and excel at, teaching and helping students to succeed. In my third year studying my Bachelor of Education, a local college hired me to teach singing and music theory. This really cemented my natural ability to convey knowledge and help students learn.

I now have a wealth of life experience, academic excellence and a proven record of tutoring and general class teaching from prep to tertiary. I have developed varying approaches to subjects that help students generate and understand the knowledge they need for success and improvement.”