Learning Boosters
Improve your spelling in 21 days!

Have you noticed your child is struggling with spelling? Are they coming home from school feeling deflated and unmotivated when it comes to reading, writing and spelling? If you’ve asked yourself the question ‘how can I help my Child with spelling?’ you’ve come to the right place! This online spelling course will assist your child to:

  • Overcome the fear of spelling
  • Gain confidence in spelling sounds and clusters
  • Improve writing
  • Gain confidence as a person
  • Get back to enjoying learning again
  • Be the best they can be!

What’s involved with Learning Boosters – Improve your spelling in 21 days?

The Learning Boosters program to help improve your child’s spelling in 21 days all starts with an optional and free review test of your child’s spelling abilities. This is the best way to gauge how we can help your child improve their spelling skills.

Once we have a clear understanding of your child’s spelling ability and strengths we can really get started! You will then be sent an electronic workbook for your child to work through, with your help. In addition to this I have also included a short instructional video. This video takes you through every step of the course so you have a clear understanding of what’s involved! The workbook includes spelling games for kids such as find a word, crossword puzzle and unscramble the word games. It also includes an ongoing mini-test.

What is required of you as a parent:

  • Printing off all practice sheets.
  • Setting your child up with 3 x 10-minute sessions per week over 3 weeks.
  • Setting your child up with 1 x 10-minute session per week to complete a spelling test.
  • Checking your child’s work and ‘marking’ it to ensure they are progressing.
  • Gauging your child’s progress. There is no pressure on your child to complete the Spelling Learning Booster in strictly 21 days! There is no failing. If your child isn’t ready to progress to the next stage, you simply repeat the week until they are.
  • Provide your child with the support required to make the most of the program.

Parents, you do not need to be spelling champions to help your child improve their spelling abilities! This online spelling course follows an easy to understand layout with clear instructions for each stage.

How will your child benefit from an online spelling course?

All children are different, and all children learn differently. I understand the importance of creating a good mix of tests and fun spelling games for kids to ensure they enjoy learning again.

Some children struggle to grasp the concept of spelling which leaves them feeling dumb, different and embarrassed. Children with spelling issues are sometimes susceptible to being bullied and having low self-esteem. When your child is the only student in the class who is struggling with spelling, it can be very detrimental to their mental health. This is why I am very passionate about helping children to improve their spelling skills. This will ensure they are given the opportunity to be the best they can be!

This 21-day Spelling Learning Booster is designed to help children improve their spelling and confidence, all at the same time. Children will benefit from gaining a better understanding of spelling sounds and clusters, writing and also a sense of achievement. When a child completes this online spelling course, they are awarded a completion certificate. This is to ensure they know just how great they’ve done! It’s so important your child feels a huge sense of achievement upon completion – they did it!

Why this online spelling course is the best for your child

Being a teacher, parent and someone who has personally experienced learning difficulties, I understand what it’s like when a child struggles with spelling. I am also a number 1 best-selling Author of ‘Learning Boosters for Children with Learning Difficulties’.

I understand some children require a little extra assistance. This is why I came up with the Learning Booster – Improve your spelling in 21 days program. I am so passionate about helping children shine in all aspects, no matter what learning difficulties they may face.

I understand the importance of confidence in children and how learning difficulties can affect that. I connect with my students and make learning fun and enjoyable again. I love seeing my students strive and form a new love for learning. A child’s self-esteem helps shape who they will become later in life. I strongly believe it’s important to give every child the opportunity to shine and to be the best they can be!

I have worked hard to create this fantastic online spelling course to ensure it benefits a wide variety of children with learning difficulties. This online spelling course is not just a ‘download and go’ program. I am available for you to contact at any time during your course. If you or your child are struggling, please contact me! It is my passion to see every child succeed and I am here to help both you and your child get through this amazing Learning Booster.

What are the costs involved with an online spelling course?

Details coming soon……