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Child learning difficulties e-book now an Amazon best seller on how to help your child

Is your child not thriving at school? Does your child come home from school and say, “Mum I’m dumb?” As a parent, you try to help your child your self but have no success. You approach your child’s school but with so many things to deal with already they are often uncommunicative, or some parents find the situation overwhelming themselves. So, what do you do now?

Well, let me introduce myself if you don’t know me already. I’m Zoe Buckley and a qualified Hobart based children’s and adult tutor in Math’s, English and vocal coaching. And I’m here to help! Being a parent and teacher, I understand the education system but more importantly, I understand what it’s like to be that child. That child that needs that little bit of assistance to make things click so they “get it.” I was once that child that had learning difficulties! And I’m here to help.

How to help a child challenged with learning difficulties

All children are different and learn at different paces and in different ways. Your child may just need that extra helping hand or encouragement to connect the dots. Quite often underlying emotions and feelings need to be addressed to make your child more open to learning and those difficulties or challenges will go away. This is why you will find my e-book so beneficial.

In my e-book Learning Boosters for Children with Learning Difficulties. I step you through the strategies to do just that. Knowledge is power, and I want to help you take back the power and give you the confidence and tools to help your child yourself. No more stress, frustration or feelings of helplessness from you or your child.

In my e-book I cover:

  • How do I know when my child needs professional help?
  • What’s the purpose of getting help
  • What to look for in a successful tutoring program
  • How to find the right tutor
  • Student motivation and parental involvement
  • Why does tutoring work
  • Reconnecting with your child
  • How to shift emotional blocks

Having a child that hates most subjects has made it really hard to get him to communicate when it comes to doing homework or talking about school. This book helped me overcome some of the parent/child communication struggles, and also try different ways to make him enjoy learning for subjects he does not naturally enjoy. Very helpful.

Pam Brossman

The bonuses to help your child with learning difficulties

When you purchase my Learning Boosters for Children with Learning Difficulties e-book you will be directed to a download page where you will receive:

  • A video showcasing myself talking a young person through one of my strategies and techniques
  • A step by step guide for emotional control technique
  • Questions to ask a tutor

I recommend you watch the video a few times, so you can fully take on board and process the steps involved.

Having a daughter who had a lot of learning difficulties throughout her schooling, Zoe’s book is a Godsend.

I have been waiting for something like this for a long time.

Full of encouraging tips and understanding it just provides so much hope for the future for any child having problems at school and learning. I highly recommend it to anyone who is looking for answers and hope for their child facing learning difficulties.

Kim Beadman

Take back the power now

This isn’t just another e-book. This is a powerful tool to help powerless and frustrated parents take back the control and help your child overcome any learning difficulties. Once you’ve completed the book and resources you will be comfortable and confident to:

  • Help support your child’s learning
  • Boost your child’s love of learning
  • Help your child’s self-esteem and academic success
  • And most importantly help them be the best they can be

What you need to do:


Head to Amazon and purchase the e-book


Work your way through the e-book.

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