Are you looking for a tutoring service in Hobart?

I offer tutoring in Maths, English and vocal coaching. I work with both adults and children who want extra one on one support to take their learning to the next level. Or do you or your child have:

  • Learning difficulties
  • Need help catching up in school
  • Help to prepare for an upcoming exam
  • A child or student who is troubled or been affected by trauma or abuse

Then one on one tutoring would be perfect for you. And I am experienced in all of the above areas.

You can rest assured that you or your child will be in the best of hands with my tutoring service in Hobart. I am a qualified teacher, as well as someone that has suffered from learning difficulties as a child. And I am also a parent myself. So, I understand the frustrations from the student’s perspective as well as the parents when it comes to learning challenges.

The aim of my Hobart tutoring service is to help you or your child with their education but to also alleviate the stresses that learning challenges can cause. I want you or your child to enjoy learning and all that can bring them and all the doors it can open. The delight on a student’s face when it “clicks” is delightful. And reinforces why I do what I do.

My Hobart tutoring sessions are tailored to the student’s needs and can be conducted in my office or in your home. I follow the current school curriculum and provide feedback on the student’s progress. I also like to (with parental permission) make contact with the student’s school teacher to ensure a cohesive tutoring program is developed.

The beliefs I follow in my tutoring service Hobart:

  • There is more to learning. It’s also about the brain and the food. When you put the three together you’ll be able to retain information be open to learning and enjoy all that learning can bring to you.
  • Maximising my student’s strengths and building their confidence and love of learning again.
  • Empowering my students to also manage the stresses of the classroom and school as a whole.

Does this sound like something you or your child would benefit from? The contact me now to discuss your needs.