English Tutor Services in Hobart

Are you a parent, student or adult needing help with your English? I offer an English tutor service in Hobart that caters to students from Prep to University and adults of all ages and stages. If you would like to learn how to improve your writing, spelling, comprehension, vocabulary, grammar, and reading you are in the right place.

Do you have a child that has a:

  • Learning difficulty
  • Special needs
  • Has missed school due to an illness
  • Has gaps in their education due to relocating or moving schools

I can help your child with early reading, phonemics, comprehension, spelling and help your child learn to write and express themselves. Through to

I work with your child’s teacher if they are willing and develop a plan that is tailored to your child.


What a difference Learning Connections Tutorial has made to my daughter! She is now in her second year of tutoring with Zoe.
Zoe looked at my daughter’s workload at school and extra curricula. I realised that my daughter was failing because she did not have enough time to do her school work and she was exhausted. She was doing too much.  So not only has Zoe helped my daughter but, me also!!!!  Through Learning Connections Tutorial, my daughter is now achieving academic success, has a positive self-image and a wonderful tutor to support her psychologically and academically.

Are you an adult that would benefit from my English tutor service in Hobart?

Did you know that nearly half of Tasmanian adults have difficulties with English? From filling in forms through to understanding safety signs at work. Don’t be part of this statistic any longer!

  • Do you have gaps in your early education?
  • Would you just like to brush up on your English?
  • Is English not your first language?

My English tutoring service would be perfect for you. Conducted in a friendly and relaxed one on one setting. As a teacher and then tutor for 30 years I understand the challenges adults and students face with learning, but you will be in comfortable and confident hands.

Sam thoroughly enjoyed his time with Zoe at Learning Connections Tutorial. With each lesson, you could see his confidence growing and literacy skills improving.  He definitely benefited from the structure of one-on-one sessions and
always had fun during his lessons too!