Looking for vocal coaching, music theory or a piano tutor in Hobart?

I work with all ages and stages of children to perfect their singing, music theory knowledge and beginner piano skills through my Hobart tutoring service. I have worked with student’s applying to the University of Tasmania’s Conservatorium. I have coached singers entering talent quests. I have also used music therapy when working with children with learning difficulties. Autistic and Down syndrome children benefit greatly from my Hobart tutoring services. Whether it be vocal coaching, music theory, music therapy or beginner piano coaching, my tutoring services can help you and your child.

What is involved with Vocal Coaching?Vocal coaching in Hobart and Music Theory tutoring with Zoe Buckley of Learning Connections Tutorial

My vocal coaching services in Hobart will help your child find the best version of their voice. I can help them create and understand their performing voice. I work together with your child to identify their strengths and find the best performance techniques for each individual. The main areas of focus are:

  • Breathing
  • Posture
  • Warm up and vocal exercises
  • Pitch and control
  • Projection
  • Resonance
  • Repertoire
  • Performance techniques

Perhaps your child may be looking to advance their musical skills for an upcoming performance. Maybe your child has learning difficulties and would greatly benefit from someone on one coaching. Whatever your goal, I am here to help find the best version of each and every one of my students!

Don’t leave it just to the children either. My vocal coaching tutoring sessions are open to adults too. It’s never too late to start or pick up singing again if you’ve had a break.

How can music help my child with learning difficulties?

Music is a powerful tool that can help your child in all aspects of life. Music motivates children to work on challenging tasks and skills in different ways. It is a multi-sensory experience. This can help your child with their tactile, kinesthetic, auditory and visual systems.

We will work together to find the best learning technique as I believe each child learns in a different way.

The fact that music is non-verbal greatly helps any child with learning difficulties. Perhaps they can’t process their words effectively. My music therapy and vocal training tutoring service in Hobart can provide your child with a safe place to be themselves. I connect with my students to ensure they enjoy learning with me. Learning should be fun and not a scary process. They can travel at their own pace and enjoy the magic of learning through music. The benefits of music are endless for children, especially those with learning difficulties. My vocal coaching, music theory and music therapy tutoring in Hobart can help both you and your child.

How will Music Theory tutoring in Hobart help me?

My music theory lessons in Hobart will help your child learn and perform music easier. I cater for all levels of music theory, from the very beginners to the advanced students. I can help children learn the language of music including:

  • Sound
  • Pitch
  • Rhythm
  • Melody
  • Harmony
  • Notation

These skills will enable my students to read and play compositions exactly as the composer intended. Just like with my other tutoring services, I believe each child is unique and requires different teaching methods. My years of experience will provide each student with the teaching methods that best suits them as an individual. My music theory lessons in Hobart will give your child a solid foundation to be the best version of their musical self.